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  • VB.NET Quick Reference  v.1.0Free VB.NET Quick Reference Sheet that explains the common syntax of VB.NET. This sheet includes variable declaration, looping, branching, operators and error handling. Single page to hang on your cube wall.
  • VB to Python Converter  v.0.2.2vb2py is developing a VB to Python tool for automatically converting VB projects to Python, including both the code and GUI elements. The project is currently focussing on the PythonCard GUI system on the Python ...
  • OCXUpdater  v.1.0OCXUpdater 1.0 will help you a lot in your work as it is actually a free open-source utility for Visual Basic 5/6 developers. It can be used to replace one ActiveX control with another in your VB projects. It is called OCXUpdater because it works ...
  • Menu Creator  v.0.4.7You can create 5 styles VB Menu: Button3D, Office 97/2000, XP,2003 and New3D! Add to menus: images, descriptions, colors, backgrounds, gradients side-bars for each popup menu with aligned/rotated/colored text, image, custom colors, and more!
  • EcMathExpr  v.1.01ecMathExpr is an ActiveX control for Visual Basic programs, for compiling and evaluating math expressions created at runtime, from within your VB projects... * Compiled, runs faster than simple parser methods * Define any number of variables and ...
  • Visual Open Project Add-In  v.1.01This program quickly and conveniently will allow You to work with a collection of Your VB projects.With the help of the given program you easily can organize access to most frequently projects used by You.
  • Bati Replace  v.0.9.9Replacing text in multiple VB projects is no longer tedious. Find and select your project files using a subdirectory search, select the type of modules (bas, frm, cls) you want processed. Then do as many search and replace operations as you like. Bat ...
  • Gnome-user-share  v.2.30.2gnome-user-share 2.30.2 brings you a free, small and helpful package that binds together various free software projects to bring easy to use user-level file sharing to the masses.gnome-user-share is meant to run in the background when the user is ...
  • Catacombae  v.1.0This project serves as a collection of different free software projects that I'm working on. The major ones are currently "HFSExplorer", "DMGExtractor", and "NTFS-3G for Mac OS ...
  • Multinstaller  v.0.1rcVery simple interface to use in the distribuition of CDs (or other type of media) containing software. Almost zero-configuration needed. Provided configuration files for several Free Software projects.
  • VbDotNetUtils  v.1.0Free 2008 utilities, in the form of class libraries. Each library is fully commented and explained. The libraries will include useful functions that deal with things like the manipulation of files, a lasso tool, etc. and other such utilities.
  • Gnome-applets  v.3.4.1GNOME is one of many Free Software projects participating in Google Summer of Code this year ...
  • Gnome-screensaver  v.3.4.1GNOME is one of many Free Software projects participating in Google Summer of Code this year.
  • Gnome-backgrounds  v.3.4.1GNOME is one of many Free Software projects participating in Google Summer of Code this year.
  • Gnome-utils  v.3.2.1GNOME is one of many Free Software projects participating in Google Summer of Code this year.
  • Easy Projects .NET  v.8.0.9Easy Projects .NET is the easiest all-in-one web based project management software . It is called "Easy Projects" because it was specially designed to make project management and task tracking straightforward and hassle-free.
  • Easy Projects .NET Personal Edition  v.4.2Easy Projects .NET is the latest generation web-based Project Management and Task Tracking System. It is called \Easy Projects\ because it was specially designed to make software project management straightforward and hassle-free.
  • VB Colour Picker  v.2.0.22Colour Picker has a simple interface which allows you to pick a colour using the normal windows colour picker. Also select any picture and grab a colour from it. Enter RGB values or Hex value to get a colour .It will then convert these colours to a ...
  • BASS Fade Volume Shaped Library  v.'s purpose is to provide user configurable fade volume shapes.
  • ActiveMaker Lite  v.6.1ActiveMaker is designed to dramatically reduce time and effort in MS Visual Basic projects development.
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